Methods to Have interaction Your Children in Loving Their Pet Birds –
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If you have children at home, instead of buying them toys that they will only outgrow, you can instead teach them good values in caring for pets. To make sure that they will enjoy the process, you can give them animals that are easy to handle. For this purpose, you can choose to give your kids pet birds. But you also have to be careful about the species that you should give to your kids. To start with, you can bring them along with you at the pet store where you will buy the birds. Let them choose based on appearance and guide them by telling the pros and cons of such a choice.

Kids are usually fascinated with pets. Your role here is to make sure that they become good providers and friends to their birds. This learning process will only be successful if you will serve as a good leader. You must teach them good values regarding the process. You may also choose to reward them for the good deeds that they will be able to share with their pets. You should also help them in choosing accessories for their birds. You can also start teaching them about the value of money. You can give them a certain amount that they can allow for the expenses that they have to spend on their pets.

To help your kids more about the deciding phase, here are some types of birds that you may want to suggest to them. These are easy to handle and they will surely learn a lot from them. And they will also be able to share vital lessons to these birds.

1. Budgies or Parakeets. Kids love these types because they are colorful and pretty. They can be touched and can tolerate the petting that your kids may subject them to. They are small and easy to carry around even by your small tots. They are gentle in nature and develop good bonding with their masters. Your kids will surely be delighted to have them around as a companion. These are sweet in nature and they will easily oblige to your child’s requests, making the relationship harmonious between the bird and your child.

2. Finches. These kinds only need minimal interaction. This attitude is perfect for kids who tend to engage themselves in so many things and activities. These birds will not mind even if their owners spend little time with them. Young kids will surely enjoy the soothing music that these birds can create. They can emulate chatter and soft chirps that will sound like beautiful noise to your kids’ ears. You can opt to get more than one finch so that they will have companions even if your kids don’t have much time to allot with their pets. But these types should not be taken out of their cages. That is a vital factor that you must teach your kids from the very beginning.

3. Cockatiels. These types are ideal for young and even older kids. But the owners must be able to spend quality time with them for the birds to be happy all the time. Your children will be delighted with the attitude of these birds. They will surely look forward to being with them after a hard day at school. They can teach these kids to talk, making it such a delight for your child especially when they have become successful in the project.

They can also teach them to whistle their favorite tunes. These birds can also learn simple tricks as long as your child pays enough time and attention to teach their pet birds how.


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