A Look At Airbrush Art Workshops
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A Look At Airbrush Art Workshops Learning airbrush art from books and videos can only take you so far with your art. To take things to the next level and gain some insight straight from an expert, then enroll in an airbrush art workshop. Airbrush art workshops are offered around the world by many expert artists who will show you up close and personal how to create art like a pro. These workshops range from beginners to advanced classes. Each artist and each individual workshop will teach you something new and exciting about the world of airbrush art.

A Look At Airbrush Art Workshops

The Learning and Product Expo: Art is one such place to take part in workshops with airbrush experts and gain some hands-on experience. While under the supervision of an expert you can quickly learn where you are making some mistakes with your work. Expert instructors include Peter West and Pamela Shantou who hold classes at the Learning and Product Expo: Art for beginners through to advanced.

Airbrush Action offers their Airbrush Getaway Workshops that run from a one day class to four-day classes and are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The workshops offered cover airbrush t-shirt art, murals on steel introduction, achieving photorealism, pinup art, pinstriping and much more on airbrush art. The pricing for AirBrush Action’s workshops runs $150 for a one day class and $575 for the four-day classes. This is a small price to pay to learn hands-on with experts such as Cross-Eyed, Javier Soto, Jonathan Pantaloon, and Craig Fraser.

In the UK airbrush art workshops are being offered by Organic Image with instructor Bee Curtis. Bee Curtis instructs on airbrush art in 1 and 2-day classes covering different aspects of airbrush art. Bee Curtis also offers private 1 on 1 lesson for anyone wanting to learn in a more private setting. The private lessons are 3-day classes that will take you from beginner to advanced airbrush art techniques. If you have experience then start where you know and go forward advancing through airbrush art techniques.

Workshops can cover a wide variety of different styles and techniques of airbrush art. Makeup artists that practice airbrush art for makeup sometimes will offer workshops in their salons to teach the art of airbrush makeup. So when interested in learning about how to apply airbrush makeup then look into the websites for an artist that practice this form of airbrush art. Usually, they will have a place on their website that talks about offered workshops. One such airbrush artist is Suzanne Patterson of Creative artistry. Suzanne Patterson has held several workshops teaching people hands-on all about the art of applying airbrush makeup.

With airbrush art is does not matter what your skill level is because there is a workshop out there for you. So even if you have read almost nothing on airbrush art or tried anything with airbrushes then learn all about it in a beginner’s airbrush workshop. Find the workshop that works for what you are wanting and needing to learn then get ready to learn hands-on from the masters of airbrush art.

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