Brazil’s Flamengo criticized for licensing issues after fire

Brazil's soccer club Flamengo came under mounting criticism for licensing issues at its training ground on Saturday, a day after a fire ripped through a dormitory and left 10 dead. Three teenagers are still in the hospital, including one in serious condition. Rio de Janeiro's city hall said in a statement Friday night the club was fined 30 times because of infractions at the Ninho do Urubu training ground, which had to be closed in October 2017. Read More

Mumps outbreak confirmed at ICE detention facility

Seven cases of the mumps have been confirmed at an U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Houston, Houston's health department said Saturday. All seven people already had the infection when they were detained, according to a news release, which added that there is no evidence the disease was transmitted to anyone outside of the facility. "Since these individuals were isolated inside the facility during the period they... Read More